Year: 1968, Make: Plymouth, Model: Road%20Runner, Mileage: 89000, VIN: RM21H8A207148
1968 Plymouth Road Runner New crate 440 engine installed in 2013 All new suspension, brakes and steering Fully restored leather interior The only issue is the transmission needs to be repaired The standard equipment transmission was a 4-speed manual transmission with floor shifter and the three-speed Torque Flite automatic transmission was optional Early four-speed 1968 Road Runners featured In...
Here's a very rare to find 1968-69 GTX, Road Runner, or Sport Satellite rear seat back section center Plymouth medallion (emblem), with two retainer clips. This is cast with Chrysler part # of 2851777 cast on the back side of it. It has no cracks, bends, or broken off attaching studs on the back side of it. It has nice shiny chrome plating still. There is a few small pits on it in recessed area...
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Here's a very nice looking stock 1970 Road Runner, GTX, Superbee AM radio assembly. Radio has a nice clean case, clean face, nice buttons, good lens, and nice uncut wiring / plugs. Has the two lower knobs, that look good. I have tested radio and found it to not currently play , BUT tuner goes up and down through stations fine with bot the knob and buttons, and the metal case is overall very cle...
Hears a nice clean original used pair of 1970-71 Plymouth Duster or 1970 Road Runner, GTX, Satellite rear side marker housings. These are cast with Chrysler part # of 3405734 on the back side of them. Nice clean pair, that is not corroded or pitted up. The mounting studs are all nice and clean and solid, with none broken off. The edges are not bent or eaten away with corrosion. The nuts are all...
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